Needing Both Climate Control And Better Energy Savings

I’ve run into a bit of an issue as of lately.

My home’s climate control is not exactly the best in the world.

And as a result of that not so great climate control, it has been costing me tons on my energy bills. With the climate control in my home being all over the place, this has caused my central heating and air conditioning system to work overtime. It rarely gets a break. A lot of it has to do with needing to get some ductwork sealing done, and some has to do with getting a programmable thermostat. There are certain times of the day that the thermostat does not have to go on. If we had a programmable thermostat, this would fix that issue. When we are away on vacation or at work, we would be able to use that programmable thermostat to turn the central heating and air conditioning system unit off and on when we felt it was needed. Actually, come to think of it, having a smart thermostat would also solve this problem. A smart thermostat is not only a programmable thermostat, but a thermostat that you can control from anywhere on the entire planet! If I was in another country, I could turn my thermostat in my home off and on from millions of miles away. All through the cell phone app that controls the thermostat and central heating and air conditioning system. These ideas are something I am going to be looking into very soon. This climate control and energy savings issue has to be fixed before I go broke!


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