Now You Can Save Money On Air Filters For Your HVAC Unit

I recently made the most awesome discovery in air filters for my central heating and air conditioner! First, let me tell you that the kind of central heating and air conditioning system that I have in my home requires some of the most expensive air filters on the market today.

  • Just getting replacement air filters can cost me a big chunk of money.

However, I found out that the type of air filters I need also have a version of them that are reusable! They are called washable filters. When you have washable filters in this brand of air filters, you can wash the air filter instead of throwing it out! These top of the line washable filters can be used up to three or four times before they have to be thrown in the trash. One filter alone of these washable filters could last me at least 6 months. And that right there will save me a whole ton of money! I usually change my air filter once every other month. So with these washable filters, that is like having 3 of these very pricey air filters in one! I need to find out where I can buy these washable filters in the brand that I need for my central HVAC system unit. I did find some on a website online, but that website was asking too much for the shipping cost. So, I do not want to use that website to get these washable filters. I will have to look at some local heating and cooling products dealers. They have got to have some washable filters for sale!

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