We are very happy with that

My parent and me were discussing HVAC technology, and we seen my grandfather was listening. He owns an HVAC company in town.  He didn’t think ladies should ever be actually working outside of the home and just be a wife and mother. The longer he stood there, the more hopeful I was becoming that he was going to change his mind about this and just talk to me.  I waited while me and my parent talked more to see if he would come over to us. Finally, he made his way over to where we were talking and sat down beside us, despite the fact that he sort of moved away from me a little bit. My parent and me continued on discussing the latest heating and air conditioning technology and the current ways of automating Heating and Air Conditioning in both businesses as well as in people’s houses.  My grandfather shook his head and looked at me. He wanted to know at this point why I wanted to be a Heating and Air Conditioning repairman and not be happy just being a stay at home mom and wife to my hubby. I smiled when I spoke, although I told him I was not a Heating and Air Conditioning repairman. I told him I was a Heating and Air Conditioning designer and I was going to take over his Heating and Air Conditioning corporation when he decided it was time to retire from the heating and air conditioning business.  He snorted with a bit of disgust and he shook his head. “Not over my dead body.” He laughed after he said it. So now I think he totally understood and was going to be ok with everything I wanna do.

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