A Ductless Mini Split System and Weather Shades

I thought having a screened in porch would be more wonderful than having a respected deck; I loved the method of kneeling in a cozy lounge chair, drinking my coffee, and studying a nice book. I never saw myself doing this with a deck because the bugs were horrible in the Summer and I didn’t want to build something that I’d never use, however when I was explaining my dream for the screened in porch to my brother, he told me that I’d never use the screened in porch if there was no correct source of AC. The summers in this region are sizzling and humid, so despite having a screen around the porch, I’d never love it, but part of me wanted to resent what my brother said, however deep down, I knew he was right, and he could tell how crushed I was, so he advocated that I install weather shades and a ductless mini split system. The weather shades were basically rolls of plastic that rolled up and down along the sides of the screen… You could see through them, so the natural light would continue to shine through. During the summertime, I could roll the weather shades down and turn on my ductless mini split system. The shades would insulate the screened in porch and trap the AC that was coming from the ductless mini split system. This would be the best way to love my screened in porch while the temperature was high, without needing to build a sunroom that would cost more.

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