A new kind of yoga class

The first time I saw that a yoga studio was opening up inside the cannabis store I laughed a little bit.

Who would want to get high in addition to exercise, I thought to myself.

Just 6 months later, and I go to that studio several times a week. I have never felt healthier or more alive. I even got my friend Ed to start coming to classes with me, so it’s become something that not only helps us evolve, but brings us closer together as a partnership. Ed has always enjoyed getting high, so when I told him about the class that uses cannabis in addition to yoga for an amazing, tantric experience, he was curious. After 1 class, Ed told me that he would love to start coming to yoga classes with me. That is how intense an experience this cannabis yoga class was, Ed was hooked right out! It makes sense, because yoga is all about aligning your mind in addition to body for a sense of total, holistic health! Yoga isn’t about giving you big muscles, however it does fine-tune your muscles and make them stronger, more versatile. Using cannabis with yoga helps people to step away from their rigid ways of thinking. You lose yourself in the art of yoga itself. If this doesn’t make sense to you, that may be because I’m too high to explain it properly, but I implore you to check out cannabis yoga classes. It will expand your mind, lower your stress levels, and give your body a great workout at the same time.

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