A space heater could be useful during the holidays

However, my mother loved it and even kept her space heater running in the guest room

My mother uses a space heater in her room during the Winter months. During the days, when the HVAC system is not running, the space heater supplements the heat in her bedroom. So, my mom is used to her room being nice and toasty which is way too warm for me, but that is her preference. Recently, we had Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin’s house, and my cousin does not use the heat in the Fall or during the Winter months. In fact, her HVAC system goes on hiatus between the months of October and April because typically she uses it only for her air conditioning needs. This Thanksgiving, the weather was a bit colder than what we have seen in the last few years, and when I arrived, I noticed that my cousin’s house was extremely cold during the days and even colder at nights, so I advised my mom to pack her space heater because I knew my cousin would probably hesitate in turning on the heater. Fortunately, after a few subtle mentions by my mom of how cold the house was, my cousin finally gave in and turned on the heat. I personally don’t like using the heat in the Winter months, so I was ok cuddling up with a blanket like I do at home. While the heat was on the house became a bit too warm for me and for my cousin. However, my mother loved it and even kept her space heater running in the guest room. One evening, I walked into the guest room where my parents slept and the heat that escaped the room was overwhelming, but my mom and dad were comfortable and felt right at home. It’s fascinating to me how we all have different preferences of how we like the temperatures in our homes especially during the Winter months.

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