Air purification will help

I’m actually not suffering and we are already deep into the rebirth of Spring around here.

Normally, by the time I’m watching all this college hoop, I’m also suffering due to allergies.

I have such severe pollen allergies that I’m often falling asleep and missing great tournament basketball upsets this time of year. But not this year thanks to air purification. Actually, I’m staying awake inside my house this time of year because I’m not having to take the amount of allergy meds I normally have. Of course, it’s still no picnic if I have to be outside with all the pollen this time of year. But being inside my house is now a pollen free zone thanks to the whole home air purification system. This type of air purifier works within the HVAC equipment. It uses ultraviolet light to eradicate any and all airborne contaminants. That means all the bacteria that might be causing odors gets zapped. That means the cat dander or cold virus gets zapped. And for me, the fact that all the tree pollen and grass pollen get zapped out of my air is so liberating. But the whole home air purification system isn’t just about making my home a pollen free refuge. The whole home air purification system is also producing the best indoor air quality we could possibly get. Not only does the house smell so fresh and clean all the time, it’s improving our respiratory health and our immune response. Having really healthy air has made such an incredible difference already. But also knowing that I won’t have to deal with pollen inside my home this Spring has made a tremendous difference in my life.


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