Air vents are dirty

I definitely plan on having my ductwork cleaned sometime in the near future.

That is because my air vents are always dirty, and I know the ductwork is where it is all coming from.

It makes sense as well, because the air conditioning system in my home pulls in a lot of dirt and hair, and all of that probably gets stuck in the ductwork system. If it wasn’t for the fact that getting ductwork cleaning can be expensive, I would have already gotten it by now. I have been comparing prices between all of the local heating and A/C places, so I will know in the future which one to go with, but right now, it is not something I can afford. Until then, I have been making sure to weekly clean the outside A/C vents. Although I can’t clean all of it, if I can just clean the dirt and hair on the outside of the HVAC vents, that will make the home feel and look a little better. I make sure to clean the vents weekly, because I notice that is about the time when it starts to look dirty again. Another thing I would eventually like to do with my HVAC system, is potentially upgrade for a better model. Don’t get me wrong, my current air conditioning model is fine, but it is simply not as efficient compared to the more modern models. That is something that would have to wait though, because ductwork cleaning is the first on my list of things to do.

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