Bathroom remodel led to HVAC installation

Recently, my buddy told me that we should remodel my bathroom and he knew exactly how to do it.

  • So we worked together to tear out all the old stuff.

We even put in brand new walls and installed a few GFCI electrical outlets. We installed a new toilet, a very nice shower bath combo with sliding doors and we installed a ventilation system as well. While the bathroom was looking amazing by the time we were finished, there was still an issue. The HVAC vent was not providing a lot of cool air in the bathroom. A few of the other HVAC vents were like that in the house as well. My buddy said he could help me to install a zoned HVAC system if I wanted to go that route. I asked if he was a trained HVAC professional or something and he said he was not. He did say that he had installed ductless mini splits on numerous occasions and he could probably do the installation in his sleep. He told me there were ductless mini splits designed to be installed by the average homeowner, so I didn’t have to worry about anything. He even said most of the warranty remains intact so long as you get regular maintenance performed on the system. I thought it sounded good so I ordered a ductless mini split and together we installed the thing with 5 different zones. After installing the ductless mini split, the cooling was able to flow around the house easily, and it is nice to have customized temperature control settings in the different zones of my home.

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