Bike riding in summer back when

When I was young I used to go to my uncle’s summer home. In the area he had the summer home it was like this small little town right by the ocean that was great for bike riding. I would ride my bike on the most warm of summer days till I was sweating up a storm. Then I would stop at the local convenience store and buy these microwave cheeseburgers and eat them in the store with the great central air conditioning they had in there cranking! In this time microwaves were new and so was the concept of central air conditioning. So it was pretty awesome to have the concept of instant sandwiches in the microwave in the store, and then experiencing the central air conditioning was the extra added bonus after those long energetic bike rides I used to take. I really loved those days. We were all carefree and had to worry about nothing but going to school and having fun on the weekends and summers. That central air conditioning in the convenience store was a big deal back then. Not many convenience stores had central air conditioning. They would all have your standard window air conditioning units like we did in our homes. But there was something more special and powerful about central air conditioning. And believe me it felt good after all that bike riding in the warm sun on those hot afternoons in those days! If you wern’t there, you don’t even know what i’m talking about.


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