Bought all the gym gear

My neighbors just left for 1 day.

This isn’t the start to a mystery game because the reason was quite clear – they couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore. So they packed up most of their stuff in addition to snuck away in the middle of the evening. The owner of the lake house is out a lot of money, and decided to have a yard sale for the possessions the people left behind to recoup some of the loss. It turns out the folks left behind a genuinely nice little home gym, so I bought most of the equipment. I have long been wanting a home gym, and now I had the opening to furnish 1 for a fraction of retail cost. Now I own an amazing weight lifting setup, and treadmill, a rowing machine, in addition to a host of other workout tools. It is amazing, however to be legitimate it is a little intimidating too, because now I have no excuse not to start a workout program. For years I have always said that I wanted to start working out, I just didn’t want to join a gym. That was the excuse I used, however now I didn’t need to go to a gym so there was no reason not to lift weights every day! The first few afternoons were fun, and I was motivated, however by the time I got into the sixth week I realized why so many people use personal trainers. A personal trainer can provide that motivation when you need it the most.



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