Bought new HVAC for my cat

I got a new smart thermostat tacked onto the bill as well

I recently invested in a ton of money on a new HVAC system and I blame my cat. My sweet kitty is extremely skittish. Certain noises just freak him out. I can’t spray cleaning products or cooking spray on a pan because the sound scares him. If I tear aluminum foil he goes still like I might murder him. The worst was the HVAC clicking on and off. When the HVAC would click it was super loud and the air would blow out very violently. It startled me the first few times it did it. I thought my cat would get used to the noise but didn’t. He started hiding anytime the HVAC was on and I knew I couldn’t get going like this. I called up a local HVAC company to do some service. I figured a little cleaning and the system would be okay. Turns out my HVAC was on its last legs. The HVAC contractor said he could just clean it and let me use it until it dies. I would only get about another year of life out of it. I thought about my cat and decided to upgrade to a bigger, better and more modern system. It ended up costing me a fortune. I got a geothermal heat pump system that had a huge upfront cost. I got a new smart thermostat tacked onto the bill as well. I just about died when I saw the invoice. Now that I own the new system, it is really awesome that it is quiet and energy efficient. My cat sleeps right through it turning on and off now.


Wifi thermostat

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