Changing to a ductless unit

For months I was dealing with a ventless heater in my kitchen.

It was a horrible heating system.

One reason was that when it wasn’t operational the heater pooped out cold air. If you sat in the chair across from the heater you were cold the whole dinnertime. When it clicked on it was super loud and not very powerful. I bought the best system I could afford at the time which wasn’t much. I just didn’t want my pipes to freeze. It was a dirty system too. I was constantly using an air compressor to blow out the dust in the system. I felt like every month it was telling me about a clogged air filter. I really did feel that the ventless heater was eventually going to burn my house down. I finally had the money and the ambition to replace it. I wanted something that provided better heat. I landed on a ductless mini split. I had it mounted on my exterior wall and the outdoor unit is hidden behind the house. With this system I actually get both heating and cooling power. It is especially nice if I want to use the oven in the summertime. The ductless heating option is just way better. The kitchen actually feels warm for once. I also freed up floor space by removing it and could put a base cabinet in the kitchen. That section of the kitchen looks so much better now. The ductless HVAC unit is actually quite modern and sleek too. I am glad I made the change over.

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