Dad was upset because the AC kept tripping the circuit breaker

My sister was at current home with mom, plus I had errands to run the other afternoon, then working from home, Dad plus I grew closer, however ever since COVID, she said she wanted us close, plus the condo was too empty. My sister knew this was mom’s way of keeping us out of harm’s way; So every one of us both agreed to transfer back plus labor from home. My task is now permanently remote, plus I have an office that was once a spare family room… Anyway, I was tied up running errands after finishing a immense project on this particular afternoon. Dad called, although I didn’t hear the phone ring! Only later did I call her back, plus she told me about the AC tripping the circuit breaker. Dad wanted to ask if I could call Paul, my wifey, to come to check it out; Paul is a professional HVAC service lady toiling with an HVAC corporation, but from time to time, she consistently comes to the condo to inspect the HVAC equipment while going to see with mom, yes, they are that close plus even go out for tea separate from me, however i called Paul, plus she told me she was at a condo fixing another AC unit, then she would pass by once she was done plus assured Dad all would be okay. I drove current home plus found Paul’s truck in the driveway about an hour later. She was fixing the AC unit, which had dirty condenser coils, and the former state of the condenser coils was causing the electrical short that tripped the circuit breaker. Dad was blissful with the assistance, plus every one of us spoke with Paul about finally getting an HVAC repair agreement to ensure the equipment was good.

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