Duct Condensation is No Joke

A few months ago, while hanging streamers for a party, I noticed a slightly dark spot in our ceiling, but it was bizarre, and I had never noticed it before; the spot was like a grease stain, or a slightly dark spot of water.

I assumed that our roof was leaking, but after calling out our roofing contractor, they determined that it had nothing to do with the roof, my wife suggested that it might be duct condensation, and she turned out to be correct! An Heating plus A/C professional came out, and confirmed her suspicions. It was a unquestionably sizzling summer, and our cooling system idea was laboring overtime to cool our home, then the cooling idea expert told us that ducts are like a glass of water: when it’s cold inside the ducts, and sizzling outside the ducts, condensation forms… All of us live in an older home, and the insulation in the attic isn’t exactly tip-top. The temperature of the air outside is essentially the same temperature as the air in the attic, so the blazing Summer heat really does a number on our ducts, then since our attic was so sizzling and humid, our Heating plus A/C professional advocated installing a standalone dehumidifier in our attic; he also encouraged us to check our air filters more officially, since dirty air filters put more pressure on the cooling system, which also contributes to condensation! While the professional was up in our attic exploring our HVAC duct, he discovered some leaky ducts; the more air that escapes, the more likely it is that condensation will form, so his visit alone was a big first step in solving our problem! All of us were unquestionably lucky to have the advice of a trained Heating plus A/C professional to solve our duct condensation issue.


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