Exercise with a quality heating device

This is the first Spring where I’m not cussing the level of heat and humidity as I exercise.

And I’m not at all talking about going for a run or anything else outside. Nope, I’m talking about walking inside a gym that’s supposed to have some commercial HVAC that provides an adequate level of heating and cooling. I’m not complaining about the commercial HVAC in the gym any longer because I dumped that gym membership in the Fall. It’s not that I just gave in to being a fat guy at 51 either. No, I just got so sick of walking into a space where I was perspiring before I even got to the locker room. The commercial HVAC component in that locale was either under sized, ancient, or just completely messed up. The commercial HVAC in that joint was regularly overwhelmed whether it be winter season or Summer. But it was so tough from May through October. I just couldn’t take forking over that amount of money for zero heating and cooling comfort. Instead, I took some savings and made my own gym. I have a two car garage that is now a one car garage and a home gym. Thanks to the HVAC dealer, I have a ductless heat pump inside the garage. Oh man, the air conditioning comfort is just so amazing. And I can’t hardly believe that this is all coming from something that is just so small. My wife is even getting in on some air conditioner and exercise as I bought an elliptical unit that she loves a lot.

ductless hvac

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