Finally, a winter with HVAC savings

We are well into summer here.

  • But I’m still a mixture of glowing and gloating over the HVAC savings I made happen this past winter.

This was the first time since living this far north that I have seen the HVAC heating costs go backward at all. And I didn’t buy all new HVAC equipment either. While I would love to have the super efficient high SEER heating and cooling equipment, that will have to wait a few more years. When I bought this home, I inherited the heating and cooling equipment. It’s decent and was just over ten years old at the time. So it will be a time before I’m in the market for new HVAC equipment. But when that time comes, I will for sure be getting quality heating and air that also comes in the most efficient package possible. No, it wasn’t that I got new HVAC equipment which resulted in the heating savings. It’s just that I got a bit more proactive last fall prior to the cold settling in. I always have the HVAC technician out to do the heating maintenance in the fall. This ensures that the gas furnace is ready for the long winter as well as allowing it operate at its most efficient. But I went a step further this year. I made sure the house was prepared as well. That meant replacing a storm door or two. Then I went to the attic and put down more insulation. Breaking out the caulk gun, I went from roof to foundation making sure there were no gaps or cracks that could leak HVAC treated air. And I ended up saving almost 20 percent on my heating bills over the entire winter!

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