Forgetting to open the flue on the fireplace

My sister Angela got married last year, then everything about Angela’s birthday, from the invitations plus flowers to her dress plus the cake were high-priced, but she decided that she wanted her bridal shower to be held at a brand new, boutique diner right downtown, and there were some concerns with this demand. For one thing, there’s no parking near the arena, forcing all the people who attended to walk quite a distance. This wouldn’t have been so terrible if not for the time of year. The shower was held in March, plus the weather was terrible. The temperature that day was eighteen degrees with several inches of snow on the ground plus freezy rain falling from the sky, but because of the winter-like conditions, we wanted to make sure the arena was warm plus comfortable once all the people arrived; My sister was adamant that there be a fire lit in the fireplace for ambience. Since the diner was brand new, no one had ever used the fireplace before. The employees who were assisting us, very had no system what they were doing. They failed to open the flue plus the whole place filled with smoke, and we needed to open the door plus windows for ventilation. The management refused to run the gas furnace with freezing cold air rushing in plus the heat pouring out. While we managed to get rid of most of the smoke before the guests arrived, the arena was downright cold inside. Everybody was forced to keep their coats on plus rest right up close to the fire. Fortunately the food was good, although I don’t assume anyone had a very fantastic experience.



furnace/heater installation

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