Four Grilled Cheese Sandwiches is my Record for one Sitting at Lunch

I knocked down four grilled cheese sandwiches one day for lunch and the record has yet to be broken.

I don’t think I would want to eat five of them anyways, so that record will probably stand for the rest of my life. I had one today and that was fine with me. The air conditioning company where I used to work had some speed eating contest before and some lady ate six grilled cheese sandwiches in under ten minutes. I could see eating maybe five of them if I was crazy hungry, but six in under 10 minutes is not easy to do. She won some new heating and cooling technology for her feat, but I’m sure it wasn’t so good for her system to eat that many in such a short time. I know some of these speed eating people are much faster than that, like the guy who ate like 25 hotdogs in five minutes or something like that. My heating maintenance buddy likes to do beer chugging contests and he once drank a whole pint of beer in under two seconds. I think the fastest I can do it is maybe five seconds, but two seconds is pretty fast if you think about it. I used to do them in local businesses for my comedy show but gave it up because it wasn’t good for my health. I may go now to the local business and buy some hotdogs because I haven’t had any in ages and would love to have one or two. Have a good one!

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