Getting repairs done on the heat pump

It’s rarely frosty down south, but every once in a while there is a storm with frosty temperatures… Last year every one of us had a storm during the wintertide plus the outdoor temperatures were frosty enough to snow.

  • The unusually frosty temperatures were hard on the heat pump, then only a couple of times, my husbandy plus I were upset that the heat pump would stop working, after the seasonal storm was over, my husbandy plus I decided it was a good method to call the heating dealer to check on the heat pump, then everything worked well during the storm, but every one of us still had some problems, but my husband called the heating plus air conditioning dealer plus he made an appointment with a maintenance business.

The guy came to the apartment to perform a tune-up on the heat pump. At this time, my husbandy plus I found out that our heat pump was not cycling to the defrost mode respectfully. The defrost mode keeps the heat pump from completely frosty. My husbandy plus I decided to call for maintenance regarding the complication with the heat pump just in case every one of us had any other wintertide storms with unusually frosty temperatures. The maintenance work was significant, but the heating plus air conditioning business told my husband plus I that every one of us should not have any other problems with the heat pump for a long time. Everything inside of the equipment looked good plus things were working just as they should, he also noted that the evaporator coils looked brand new and current even though the equipment is almost multiple years old, then I thought that was good news considering the fact that every one of us use the A/C a lot more than the heat pump.

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