Getting the most from our HVAC contractor

You simply couldn’t pay me enough money to go through another home building project.

Once is enough for me, that’s for sure.

And it’s more than just all the planning, executing and the million details of building a house. We also had to do some renovations on our former home that included replacing the HVAC equipment. Selling the home we’d lived in for 20 something years was first before we could build our new house. It was a bear to get that place ready to go on the market. However, replacing the HVAC unit did come with a hidden gem. And that hidden gem was the HVAC contractor we had do the HVAC equipment replacement on our old house. He was so great. This HVAC contractor was so on top of everything and so professional that he made the process just seamless. The great thing was that we had him do the HVAC in our new home. The house we built is much smaller than our old house because it’s now just the two of us and the dog. We had some very specific ideas when it came to the quality heating and air we wanted for the new place. And finding the right HVAC contractor prior to starting the home build was such a godsend. For sure, building our home was tough to deal with all the details that go into a project of that magnitude. But at least we didn’t have to worry about the HVAC as we had the best of HVAC contractors. That was at least one good thing that we could count on during the build.


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