Going for a check up

It is the beginning of the summer, and regularly this time of year I have my yearly check up tied up with my doctor.

Even though it is scheduled, I still have to wait in the waiting room for my turn.

Thankfully, my doctor’s office has the most awesome central air conditioner! They undoubtedly have the greatest commercial heating and air conditioner plan currency could buy, plus an media air cleaner in there. It is a doctor’s office, so of course they want to keep things nice and clean. I have been to doctor’s offices in the past that have horrible air conditioner and heating. But not the doctor I use today. I asked them in the office once about their central heating and air conditioner plan and they told me that they do in fact have the most top of the line central heating and air conditioner plan unit on the market today in commercial Heating and A/C. Some doctor’s offices have nothing more than a window air conditioner plan and sporadically central heating to keep the place sizzling in the winter. But no media air cleaner. When you add the media air cleaner to the quality central air conditioner in my doctor’s office, it just makes for a legitimately nice relaxing and healthy experience. I was able to wait in the waiting room in sheer indoor comfort. I even fell asleep at a single point while waiting. That is how relaxed I was in there! My check up came out fine and I have to return again in the Fall for another a single. At that time the central heating may be on.


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