Have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder? From what I understand, it's a fancy label for the feeling some people get when they don't get enough sun during certain seasons of the year. This causes their mood to drop. I guess that's understandable. You might be a little confused when I say that I think I'm the opposite. I guess I don't mind the sun, especially when it's a cool or cold day. It can be kind of nice. However, there's something special to me about overcast or stormy days. I get a burst of energy and a mood boost from this weather, and I don't know why. I like it especially when it's cold outside. Still, it is nice on cold and cloudy or stormy days to take refuge in a warm and cozy house with a good furnace, particularly when it snows. This is the type of weather that actually gives me a good mood, which is strange when so many other people seem to really miss the sun in the winter. I mean, if I went without it for a very long time, I know I would feel the negative effects, but I love the dark and cold, so long as I can enjoy the comfort of the soft light in my home and warmth from the furnace while I relax and watch the rain or snow fall. I suppose it would be quite a different scenario if I didn't have the advantage of these things to fight off the chill and the darkness.

Why I don’t use air conditioner during my workout


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