He looked so much like our partner Jim.

I was so angry Last weekend that all I wanted to do was go to the beach house plus cry.

My partner Jim is a Heating and Air Conditioning business, plus he told myself and others he had to put in a little overtime! There was a major emergency oil furnace repair down at the local church, plus he was spearheading the repair team.

This happened often, plus I thought nothing about it. Then I had to go into the neighborhood while Jim was gone, to option up a few things for the Christmas gathering the two of us were having… When I walked into the grocery store, I swore I saw our partner walking with another woman. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t want Jim to see me. I left our groceries in the bin plus headed to the car. I was just about to return to the beach house when I decided to go by the church. I had to see for myself if Jim was absolutely working, or if he was in that store. When I arrived at the church, I went in under the ruse that I had brought Tim Hortons Coffee plus donuts for the HVAC crew. I was absolutely aggravated when there wasn’t a single Heating and Air Conditioning business rep around, plus Jim’s service van was nowhere to be found. I asked the minister what happened to the Heating and Air Conditioning crew, but he told myself and others there were no Heating and Air Conditioning businesses in the building. There was nothing wrong with the oil furnace. When I got home, Jim was sitting in the living room, plus he was smirking. He asked if I had gotten everything I wanted? Jim saw myself and others in the grocery store. Jim told myself and others that next time I checked in on him; I should go to the right church. They had been working at the Holy Rosary church plus not the Church of all that’s Holy.

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