High Velocity HVAC is the Answer

My little house, which some people call my dollhouse, was built in 1929. It simply oozes charm. I love it, but unfortunately I do not live in it yet. Instead, I use it as a rental. It’s a long story about how that came about, so I won’t go into it here. Suffice it to say that I moved closer to work, and now I simply do not want to go back to that long commute. Anyway, as all things do, from time to time my house needs maintenance. Recently, that maintenance meant looking into upgrading the HVAC system. I have a central heating and cooling system, just like most people in this general area. I live in the Southeast, so we do not need heavy-duty furnaces that will last through 12 inches of snow. What we need is really great air conditioning! Our thermostats are often set on 70 degrees when outside the thermostats are indicating the natural temperature is close to 3 digits. Imagine how hard an air conditioner must work and how efficient that AC must be in order to keep your home comfortable for you. When my AC came close to the end of its natural life, I started looking for Alternatives and one of those happened to be a high velocity HVAC. I had never heard of such a thing in my life oh, but my AC guy really recommended it for my home. I have had to replace my ductwork twice since I’ve owned my house because it is all in the crawl space underneath and no matter what I seem to do wild animals seem to find a way to get under there and rip up my ductwork. It turns out that High Velocity HVAC is called high velocity because the ductwork is very small in diameter so the air that comes out of the AC vent is really blasted out at a high speed.I took him up on it and I am thrilled with my high velocity heating and cooling.

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