How I inspect my ductwork

Do you have a ductless air conditioning unit or prefer one with ducts? Well, anyone whose HVAC system needs ducts to work on should be aware of the general maintenance practices they ought to carry out regularly.

  • Being one of them, I have realized that it is easier to monitor the working of my AC when I have a checklist to go by.

I am fond of regularly inspecting it because I do not like being caught unawares. Forst, it helps to note that I had the suspended kind of ductwork done in my home. Some of the things that were a priority in my inspection during installation included the ductwork material. After carrying out my independent research and liaising with a trusted HVAC professional, I knew that I would never compromise on the material’s quality. My research revealed that there are quite a several ductwork materials one can choose from. This includes fiberglass, makeshift ductwork, and flexible aluminum tubing. The material you choose will determine whether you get to efficiently utilize energy or waste most of it, which happens when there are spaces between the rafters. Consult widely before deciding on the material, especially if you are an amateur. Second, I had to sure that there are no leaks in my ductwork. Having settled for metal sheets as my ducting material. While it may be obvious to take note of them sometimes, that is not always the case. Leaks easily translate to wasted energy, which is something I was not willing to do. The duct support and the ease of repair if there is a need are some of the things I also inspected.


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