How our brother keeps comfortable in his single wide mobile home

My brother has regularly cared far more about the piece of land that he lives on than the actual home that he occupies on that land.

  • Still, I have to admit that he has a pretty darn nice set up.

He lives in a single wide mobile home that he’s managed to supe up into a actually nice place to live! Everything is well-worked on and well furnished, and I have to admit that it looks nicer inside than many people’s correct homes. He also designs the layout and furnishes it in such a way that you barely notice that it’s a mobile home. The only thing he was initially sad about when he moved in was the thin walls and lack of insulation. Every one of us live in the Midwest, so weather can be quite brutal on both severe ends. The summers can be actually hot and the winters can be super cold. My brother likes to save a buck whenever and wherever he can. He figured he could remain comfortable while using the simplest climate control implements for his home. The single wide mobile home, while spacious, is still small enough to where he only really needed multiple space heaters. There’s 1 in his kitchen, 1 in the home office area, and 1 in the kitchen area. Even in the dead of the winter, this is acceptable to keep him moderate as long as he wears an extra layer of clothing and has thick blankets for his bed.

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