Husband is jealous of my modular office

I never need to leave that shipping container office unless I want to

I have a four bed and two bathroom house. My husband and I both work from home and don’t share a bedroom. It isn’t feasible for us to share. He snores and loves AC. I am a light sleeper and require heating. We even have a ductless HVAC unit so our thermostat settings aren’t the same. He is also a pack rat and a bit of a slob. I can’t imagine sharing a living space with him. It would be awful. We both need our own room and each needs an office space. Well I am pregnant and we are out of rooms. One of us needed to lose our office. My husband was very reluctant to put his office in his bedroom. So what I decided was to contact a modular homes company and see if they can do an addition for us. They were able to make an affordable modular office space. I designed the office to be the exact size I want. I have a big window, a door that locks and I even splurged to have a bathroom set up in there. I also have a small fridge where I can keep my breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks in there. I never need to leave that shipping container office unless I want to. My husband has since seen the office and is super jealous. He keeps telling me how it would make more sense for him to have the modular office and I stay in the main house with the new baby. Oh no, we aren’t playing that game at all.


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