HVAC addition changes household paradigm

I understand that teenage girls least favorite thing is to have dad hanging around.

  • This is especially true when it comes to when their friends are around.

While I know this fact, it doesn’t make it all that easy to do anything around my house. This is due to the fact that I live in a house full of preteen and teen females and their mom. Just trying to find a spot in the HVAC to relax is an effort. I could be relaxing in my recliner enjoying the air conditioning when a group of teenage girls led by one of my daughters strolls in. And I’m the one who gets the look of “why are you still here”. Doesn’t matter that we share the house that I pay for or that I was there first, I have to leave. My buddies laugh at me but they really weren’t very helpful except for one friend. He stated the obvious when he suggested that I needed my own man cave. This seemed almost trite but when I got to thinking about it, he was spot on. However, there was no place to go but the basement. But this is where this buddy really came through for me. He helped me carve out a spot downstairs by putting up some interior walls. My buddy also got a friend of his who was an HVAC technician to help us install some quality heating and air. I purchased a ductless heat pump online and we were able to install that ductless heat pump in mere hours. And all it cost me was some sandwiches and craft beer.

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