I chose the new car because of gas mileage and AC

My old car was in pretty rough shape.

I drove around with a donut tire for $100 or 200 miles before I got it fixed.

The fender was held on to the car by duct tape and the hood was held to the car with some zip ties. I had the car for a long time and I didn’t want to get rid of it. I kissed my first girlfriend in that car. When the AC stopped working, I knew that it was the air compressor. The dealership told me that it was going to cost $1,200 to fix that ac. I honestly didn’t even know if the car was worth $1200. It was totally beat up with a ton of problems and I didn’t think it was worth spending all of that money to fix the ac. I use the money to buy a new car instead. I gave the dealership the $1,200 I would have paid for a new AC and I gave them the Beatdown car. They traded me for a small compact car that has a working air conditioner and excellent gas mileage. The car was on sale too, because they were trying to get rid of last year’s inventory to make room for the new year of cars. I saved almost $5,000 on the purchase and I got a great interest rate since I had a trade in and some cash. I have to make payments on the vehicle for 5 years, but my payments are only $147 each month. It will be hard to pay it off early if I start making double payments now.

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