I could Pick it up at noon

Getting particular things where I live can be rough.

And this was the case when I wanted to buy a particular brand of portable cooling system. The local store did not stock this brand of portable cooling systems however they were available to be special ordered. I had the store clerk order me the portable A/C unit I wanted. I paid a little bit extra for the special order, but it is ok, because I have heard that this particular brand of portable A/C unit was the best 1 around. It finally came in and I am going to option it up tomorrow at noon on my meal break from work. That is the only time I can get to the store before the weekend. And with the boiling hot weather that is coming, I want to have my portable A/C unit ready to use because I want to save money on my weekly energy costs. I method to run the portable A/C unit half of the time and then the other half of the time run my central A/C as per normal. By using this method it will highly cut down on energy use and make it so that my bills will be much lower moving forward. And with this high quality portable A/C unit that I bought on special order, it will be even more powerful and labor absolutely well. I am highly looking forward to turning on my new portable A/C unit tomorrow when I get to my condo from work!

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