I couldn’t find my earbuds, so I used my daughter’s earbuds

I had a favorite pair of earbuds that were awesome.

Unfortunately, they went missing.

This was not good because I had to mow the lawn and I hated doing that without listening to my music on the phone. Also, it was important for me to have my earbuds to be able to take incoming calls if anybody was trying to reach me while I was mowing the lawn. I have a large property, so it takes about 4 hours to mow the lawn which includes all the trim work as well. Well, I was disappointed when my earbuds went missing, but my daughter let me borrow her earbuds, which were a bright pink color. I don’t usually prefer pink, but I rocked those earbuds. It’s always hard for me to get outside away from the cooling system to do yard work. I always have to motivate myself. I regularly make sure to adjust the temperature control settings so it will be extra cool when I get back inside. I like to do this so I can really feel rejuvenated when I take my air conditioning breaks. Some days it just gets too hot to keep working, unless I get plenty of A/C breaks in between. I usually like to take one A/C break per hour so I never become too overheated. As long as I keep hydrated with cold water, I am usually okay. On the cooler days, it’s not so bad, but recently when I was totally rocking the pink earbuds, it was a very hot day.

hot water boiler

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