I created an HVAC unit that kills viruses.

In my lifetime, I have been a part of three major pandemic which have killed thousands of people around the world.

  • When I was a kid, I always wished I could find a way to stop the virus or find an antidote.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t great at science class and could never develop a cure to a disease. I was, however, very good at working with HVAC units of all sorts, but especially air conditioners and furnaces. I went to college and got my HVAC degree, then immediately went to work on an HVAC unit that could help stop the viruses that our world faces every few decades. I first developed an air filter that consisted of UV light which could kill most bacteria and viruses. I first tested out this new air filter on my own air conditioner. I knew that the air filter was working because I never caught a cold or got sick at all that year! I was very happy with how the air filters turned out, and I quickly put them out in the market and they sold quickly. My Next step was to make all air conditioners and furnaces do have my air filter automatically installed in them so everyone that had an HVAC unit would have clean air flowing through their house. I succeeded in my goal and soon had my air filter in nearly every HVAC unit on the market. I then moved on to develop a better air purifier which could kill viruses instantly. After a few years of research, I finally came out with my new air purifier which helped keep not only viruses out of people’s homes, but also the common cold and other illnesses.

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