I dislike printers

I have had nothing however terrible experiences with printers, and no matter how nice plus amazing the latest printer is, I swear it only lasts myself and others a few months before there is some kind of problem, and they are so cheap plus disposable, it isn’t worth it to spend money for repairs, it’s quicker plus easier to just buy a new 1, then going to a professional printing repair can get high-priced, I think that better than anyone! Still, for myself and others it is worth the extra currency to not be stuck with subproper results from a subproper printer, however what brand is considered substandard, through? The top names in the industry are Epson, Kerajet, Arrow, plus others, plus yet I have never had a single fine experience with any new printer I have used from any of them, then i am very much open to the system that it is not the fault of the new printer, plus that it is our fault. That is all the more reason to never buy a new printer again, plus never mess around with ink cartridges or any of that nonsense! A commercial printer is simple plus convenient to use, although it may not be cheap. When I use commercial printing services, it is all very simple – I tell them what I need, plus they supply myself and others what I need. There are never any excuses when it comes to pro printing services, because they just work their magic plus make things happen. It costs a lot, however our time plus peace of mind have value, too, so for myself and others printing services are worth the extra currency.


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