I hated getting out of bed on a winter morning.

During the winter, my floors were so cold that I hated getting out of bed in the morning.

My floors were so cold that my toes would ache, and the bottom of my feet felt like I was walking on stones.

I was told that carpeting would help, but I didn’t like wall to wall carpeting. I loved my wood floors, and the tiling in my bathroom and kitchen. I didn’t want to cover it up with carpeting. I didn’t get a couple of throw rugs for the bedroom and the bathroom. I just kept my shoes on in the rest of the house. Last week, I was talking to a friend who had recently had radiant heated floors installed. She told me it took them about a week to complete the radiant heating, but she was glad she had it done. She invited me to her house so I could see how good the heating was in the house and how comfortable her floors were. When I showed up, she had me take off my shoes. I walked into the living room, and I felt like I was in heaven. My normal cold feet were now warm and my toes were protesting. I talked to the HVAC company about radiant heated flooring. He told me how they would pull up the flooring and place the pipes on the base floor. The flooring would then be reinstalled. I decided against radiant heating for the kitchen since it got hot in there when I was cooking. I didn’t want radiant heating in the spare bedrooms. The only rooms I really thought I needed radiant heating were the bathrooms and my bedroom, but I changed my mind about the bedroom. I like cool sheets.

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