I knew we were overdue for duct cleaning

It took me 8 years of living in our home to wise up to the air duct cleaning thing. I’d heard the ads on the stereo about air duct cleaning offered by the HVAC supplier we use. Still, I really didn’t pay all that much attention to it really. My partner is the one who handles all the HVAC stuff around here. He swings the air filter for the HVAC every month and makes the HVAC repair appointments. Actually, I suppose he signed up for an HVAC repair plan not too long ago. This saves him from having to remember to call for the heating repair in the fall and the a/c tune up in the springtime. So when it comes to calling the HVAC supplier, that’s usually the purview of our partner. However, that all changed when I watched bits of debris blow right out of the air duct when the HVAC cooling kicked on one day. That’s when I knew that we were overdue for getting air duct cleaning done. I made this call to the HVAC supplier that day and the HVAC crew was out in just two days after that call. What I found was that this HVAC air duct cleaning crew was simply awesome. They acted like they were cleaning in the Queen’s residence. Those HVAC professionals were just really committed to making sure that they made no mess and didn’t do any damage. When they finished with the air duct cleaning, they did the air duct resealing which will really help the efficiency of the HVAC unit. I have to say that I’m still a bit stunned at the difference in air duct cleaning made in our house and the quality of our indoor air. Ductwork was cleaned very thoroughly

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