I made sure that we got the cooling system tune-up

When my husband went to turn on the cooling system for the first time, I asked him if we had the HVAC maintenance done. He shrugged and said how it was an early summer and he didn’t have time to get around to it. I had to counter with the fact that we did this once in the past and the cooling system broke down altogether since there was no tune-up done. I told him that we better not be using the AC system until it was tuned up properly because I didn’t want the cooling system to become damaged. He sighed and made an appointment to see a cooling system specialist. Fortunately, the guy was able to show up on the same day. In the meantime, we just used our ceiling fans in the house to keep relatively cool and honestly, it wasn’t so bad because it wasn’t all that overheated outside, I believe it was somewhere in the high 70s. When the cooling system specialist finished with all the work that was needed and said we were ready to go, my husband asked if I was happy. I told him I definitely was because having to call for emergency HVAC repairs is no joke and that’s an experience we shouldn’t ever have to face again. He admitted that I had a good point and he didn’t give me a difficult time any longer. It was just nice to have the relaxing AC working in our home, even though we would only be using it on the hot days. Most of the nights have been extremely chilly so it’s good to keep some warmth in the house before the sun sets just to help you get through the night hours without having to turn on the heating system.

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