I need two dehumidifiers

Living out west we had a problem with hot, dry air.

Now that I live on the coast everything is quite the opposite, and the temps stay pretty mild throughout the year, while the humidity never takes a break.

I suppose there is no such thing as a perfect place to live, even the coastline is remarkably beautiful, especially during sunsets. The sun sinking low over the horizon and disappearing into the ocean is a delight to watch. Does it make up for the humidity, and the fact I needed to buy two separate dehumidifiers for my house?The salty sea spray makes for a caustic type of humidity, one that can damage the more delicate parts of your home. Even though my central HVAC system has anti-humidity components built into it, that was not enough to fight off the high levels of humidity. Since paper is very susceptible to being damaged this way, I keep one dehumidifier in my home office. The second dehumidifier sits at the foot on my bed on the hope chest, to keep the clothes in my closet from getting moldy or mildew. Once mildew gets a foothold in your house it can lead to a lot of chronic issues, so the dehumidifier is a necessity. The funny thing to me is how I rarely need to use the heater or the air conditioner, because the temps are so nice for most of the year. I keep the system fans running for better air circulation through the house, but hardly ever use the temperature controls.


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