I never really thought about just how many fans I have throughout my entire house. I guess I really do love fans! I have a ceiling fan in every room of my house, except for the garage and the basement, and I'm seriously considering converting the basement into a miniature apartment, so it might end up getting a ceiling fan after all! Were this not enough, I have all sorts of portable fans. I have a couple desk fans. I have fans on stands that oscillate back and forth. I also have box fans. I just love making sure the air in every room is circulating. They say that you can end up setting a higher temperature on the thermostat if your air is being well circulated, and you will end up feeling a few degrees cooler, as if that lower temperature really was set on the thermostat! I like keeping the thermostat at 75°, but perhaps it actually feels like 72° or something, because of all the fans. I end up saving on my energy bills I suppose, although, having all those fans plugged in probably saps a good deal of electricity. But that's the thing: they're not all on at once. The reason I suddenly realized that I really seem to enjoy fans, is that my girlfriend came over and commented that they were everywhere. I must have taken it for granted until somebody pointed it out. She gets cold really easily, so I'm worried that she won't like the fact that I have three different kinds of fans running in my room at night when I'm sleeping.

Coming home Friday evening to a broken A/C




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