I put reflective foil insulation in my attic to lower my summer energy bills

I’m not looking forward to rolling into the summer season this year. Since I live in the south, it’s hot for most of the year unfortunately. This year we finally got discernable winter and spring seasons instead of 12 months of heat. Temperatures in January and February were as low as 45 degrees some days, while March and April saw pleasant weather with 60 to 70 degree days. It was nice spending more time outdoors this year since the weather wasn’t so miserable. But now that it’s getting towards the end of May, the weather is really warming up. Yesterday the high was 90 degrees; today the high is 95 degrees. As you would expect, my air conditioner is running constantly. I was in my attic yesterday when I realized that it isn’t insulated from the outdoor climate. There is insulation above my ceiling, which is the floor of the attic. However, the air conditioner is in the attic and it isn’t insulated either. I realized that I could buy reflective foil sheet insulation and put it along the underside of the roof to reflect radiant heat from the sun during the summer. This will prevent the attic from getting nearly as hot, but it won’t impede air circulation either. The foil insulation has the added benefit of retaining indoor heat during the winter season, but this isn’t as important in this climate. I am hoping that the cost of the insulation will be reimbursed with lower energy bills this summer. To do the entire attic, it will cost roughly $150.

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