I schedule an extra maintenance with my HVAC service technician to avoid unforeseen issues

There are pros and cons in everything we do in life.

As we become adults many of us invest in certain items like cars and homes so that we could live a comfortable life.

The pro of investing in a new car is that there is very little maintenance that is needed such as an oil change or perhaps checking the fluids, but as the car is driven and it gets older with more miles and wear and tear, the more maintenance it will require. This is similar to when someone owns a home, there are certain pros and perhaps cons that come with it. If your home is new, more than likely it has a new HVAC unit, then all you need to do is to complete simple maintenance, like changing the air filter and keeping the temperature consistent, and your unit will function efficiently. However, over the years, as the HVAC unit gets older, it will begin to lose its functionality and perhaps there could be a few unforeseen mishaps that you are never quite prepared for. And similar to a car, once a heating and air conditioning unit gets to a certain point, it will require extra maintenance to keep the unit running efficiently. My house has an older HVAC unit, so it requires additional maintenance each year. Therefore, I schedule appointments with my HVAC technician to come in and service the equipment at least 3 times per year. The industry recommends to service HVAC units twice per year, once prior to the start of Summer and the other in the Fall, but I prefer that extra service which I schedule at the beginning of the year just to prevent any unforeseen issues with the air conditioning system. Better be safe than sorry is my motto when it comes to my air conditioning and heating system.



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