I thought I wanted a Brazilian sugar wax.

I wanted to try a Brazilian sugar wax prior to going to the Caribbean on vacation.

I was really excited until I started to read blogs and watch YouTube.

Some of the girls looked like they were in terrible pain. I understood a Brazilian was in a very sensitive area, but I had heard many women talk about how nice it felt when it was done. I talked my husband into going to the salon on the day I was going to have the Brazilian sugar wax done. I had read that sugar wax was more comfortable than regular wax. I thought about doing the procedure in my own home, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the job properly. There was too much concern over overheating the sugar and burning my skin. I had also read that if you weren’t careful with how you pulled the hair out, it could actually cause a tear in the sensitive skin. This had me a bit worried. What happened if the specialist who did the sugar wax, wasn’t careful. I didn’t want to walk around with infected hair follicles. My husband started going through all the YouTube and blogs that involved Brazilian waxing and sugar waxing. When he came to bed that night, he told me that if I insisted on having that done, it was up to me, but there was no way I was dragging him along with me. He said he couldn’t stand to watch me go through that for the sake of my vanity. He bought an electric razor on his way home from work.

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