I used up all of our money in the first day

When I first started our business, I really didn’t assume anything about marketing or online advertising.

The net was still pretty modern & everyone was trying to figure out how to navigate advertising.

I started to use a website tool that allows you to create a website from scratch. I did the most that I could with all of the resources that I had available. I decided to try “pay per click” or PPC advertising when I first began to advertise our heating & AC business. I put $275 in the PPC advertising account. I truthfully assume that the $275 account would last the entire month! Sadly, I didn’t assume the first thing about pay-per-click advertising & I ran through that budget in the first day. When I gained the email from the spend money per click advertising website, I thought it was a mistake. I had spent $275 in pay-per-click advertising & I had not gained a single sale or even a PC call. I was so discouraged after that happened & I didn’t want to waste any more money. My younger sibling told me to find an online advertising company that specializes in search engine optimization & spending money on pay per click advertising. The search proved to be difficult, eventually I found a company that would help with the work that I needed. These days I have a website & advertising director that handles almost everything associated with the heating & A/C business. The younger guy was friends with our youngsters in high university & he is a whiz with laptops & everything on the net.


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