I want one of these

I was watching the TV the other night and I found that there was an infomercial on for selling a gas fireplace! This was very interesting as I never seen something like this for a gas fireplace or any kind of fireplace to be totally honest.

I was watching this because it seemed so interesting and I really liked the look of this gas fireplace! Especially the blue flame.

When I was a kid we had a gas furnace in our basement and I always remember going down there just to sit in front of it and look at the little blue flame. Even as an adult I guess it still makes me feel nice looking at it. I really want to get a gas fireplace now after seeing this infomercial on the TV. I didn’t want to order from the TV because I don’t trust those kind of things and I do not like to give my credit card out over the phone. So eventually I am going to go out to the store that sells electric fireplaces and gas fireplaces and buy one! I will not be doing it right now because it is the dead heat of summer. But when it gets closer to fall I will plan on buying one of these gas fireplaces just like the one I seen on the TV! I can not wait to experience looking at a pretty blue flame again like it used to be when I was a kid with my parents gas furnace they had. It will be pretty great!



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