I want to fund an HVAC company

I really want to help start an HVAC company.

I don’t want to become an HVAC technician or start my own HVAC company, but I would like to help an HVAC technician start their own HVAC company.

I think that my particular set of skills could help an HVAC technician get on the right track when it comes to starting their own HVAC company, and I would love to do that. The reason that I don’t want to start my own HVAC company is that I have absolutely no experience working as an HVAC technician. I have never worked for an HVAC company before, and I know that I am way too old to begin training as an HVAC technician now. Besides, I am in marketing, and I would never want to give up a great job in marketing to work as an HVAC technician. However, I would love to partner with an ambitious HVAC technician to start an HVAC company. The town that I live in does not have enough HVAC technicians, and I know that they would love to have another HVAC company. If there was another HVAC technician with the skill and drive to start their own HVAC company, I could provide some of the funding needed to start an HVAC company in exchange for some of the ownership of the HVAC company. This might be a great opportunity for some passive income that I can do on the side. I could even provide them with some early marketing skills to help the HVAC company grow quickly. If you know an HVAC technician that would be interested, let me know.


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