I want to start an HVAC company

I simply don’t want to fall behind in my training.

I want to start an HVAC company, but I honestly don’t think that I will be able to start an HVAC company because I do not have any experience as an HVAC technician. Obviously, I could eventually get experience as an HVAC technician, but I don’t know if I will actually be able to gt experience as an HVAC technician I am older than most HVAC technicians, and I know that if I become an HVAC technician, I will be behind most of the HVAC technician at my age. In fact, there is a good chance that I will never be able to catch up in time to become a legitimate HVAC technician. Sure, I might be able to work for an HVAC company and eventually retire, but most people that become HVAC technicians start training as HVAC technicians from the moment that they graduate. I simply don’t want to fall behind in my training. If I were to become an HVAC technician right now, I might not be a good enough HVAC technician to start my own HVAC company until I am ready for retirement age. Even though I have always wanted to start an HVAC company, I simply think that this is the kind of job that I am going to have to give up. I probably have enough time to start another company, but I know that becoming an HVAC technician is probably not the best option for me. Still, it is pretty disappointing to give up on my dream of becoming an official HVAC technician, but I guess that this is the price that I pay for not starting my HVAC training sooner.

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