I was impatient and tore up my A/C system

Before my wife went to visit her parents out west, our HVAC system broke down.

  • She told me to call the HVAC company and set up an appointment.

I actually did call the HVAC company but they were busy. They said it would take a week before they could come out. This was the end of the spring season and it was starting to get hot in the house without any air conditioning. It wasn’t so bad at night when I would open up the windows, but I couldn’t wait forever to have my A/C system fixed. I ended up watching some repair videos online that helped me to diagnose the issue with the A/C system. I ended up tearing everything apart in my A/C unit and I was still unable to solve the problem. Of course I had the power shut off to the unit as I learned that’s one of the most important things, but I wished I somehow knew how to fix the problem. It’s like I needed to go to an HVAC trade school to learn this type of work. The HVAC professionals make everything look so easy. When the HVAC professional arrived finally after a week, he was irritated that I worked on the A/C system. He said I voided my unit and I would have to get it replaced altogether. So I ended up voiding the warranty and the A/C system was so torn up that I had to have it replaced. I realized that my wife was going to kill me when she got back home.

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