I was surprised when the HVAC contractor told me I could install a ductless mini split AC

A majority of our HVAC repairs have been handled by a local contractor who is nearest to our home.

Then one day we saw a commercial on the television advertising massive discounts for HVAC installations. It was for new customers only, but we were actually thinking about going for some HVAC upgrades already. My wife kept talking about getting radiant heated floors. I remember telling her not to get her hopes up because I thought it was likely that we wouldn’t be able to afford such an installation. I already had a quote from our local contractor and the price was way up there. So I decided to call this HVAC place and had an HVAC contractor come out. The guy gave us a quote for radiant heated floors with the new customer discount. The price was unbelievable! We decided to go for it and we easily had enough for a new cooling system installation as well. The HVAC contractor we were working with said he would advise going for a ductless mini split AC system. He said these systems are shockingly energy efficient and provide excellent cooling. He actually told me that he has a ductless mini split in his own home which he installed himself. I told him it must be nice to be able to install your own HVAC system. The next thing he said really surprised me. He said you don’t have to be a professional to install a ductless mini split air conditioner. He said with a simple installation video, most homeowners would be able to take care of the installation rather easily without any specialized tools.

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