I watch over my air quality

Air quality is something I never thought about until I became a homeowner. I used to think it referred to the temperature of the air. You can have heated or cooled air quality. Actually, your indoor air quality is measuring the moisture and how clean it is. I have found that I am really sensitive to poor indoor air conditions. I own both a humidifier and dehumidifier. I feel super weak and geeky, but I need the systems and I just love them. In the winter having a humidifier pair with my heating system is great. I can set my heater a little lower because when the air feels more moist, it feels warmer. I don’t have to deal with static cling, chapped lips or bloody noses anymore. I also feel less sick in the wintertime when it is warm and moist. In the summer, removing the moisture from the home means less bugs, mold and bacteria forming. I also don’t break out as often or have issues with my furniture swelling. On top of controlling the moisture, I also use an air purification system to keep things clean. Having clean indoor air quality is important for your health. They say to seal up your home and keep it airtight. That means the same pollutants are circulating around in the home. Did you know the indoor air is always more polluted than outside? I use an air cleaner to freshen my air quality and move dust, smells and dirt. I get sick less often, experience fewer headaches and I have more energy during the day.

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