I will do anything for them

My parents do the snowbird thing. They stay up north while in the summer and fall. As soon as it turns cold, they come down south for the winter. Their home is literally next door to mine. It is awesome having my parents so close. My parents and I rotate who cooks breakfast and get together for game or movie nights. It also is great when I need help with a beach house project or my parents need me for heavy lifting. It works out legitimately nice when they leave too, and my parents want me to watch over the house. I can water plants, mow their yard and turn lights on and off because their house is so close. The most recent time was a bit rougher because I noticed the Heating and Air Conditioning component wasn’t turning on. I went over to the temperature control and then determined that it was now working fine. The actual Heating and Air Conditioning equipment wasn’t operational anymore. Rather than call my parents and get them all upset, I tested it. I had a HVAC corporation come over to the home to take a peek at the equipment. A space inside the component had iced over and gotten damaged in the process. The AC repair was a few hundred bucks and I had to pay the technician’s labor. My parents do a ton of free work on my house. I figured I owed them a Heating and Air Conditioning repair. I didn’t tell them the Heating and Air Conditioning was repaired until they were already in the home and using it like normal. They were pretty ecstatic when they found out I got it repaired myself.
Hybrid heating

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